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  1. I had the pleasure of walking into The Strange Brew Tavern in south Allentown 2 weeks ago. My intent was to socialize w/ some old friends for a spell…..but I fell under the spell off the musical talent of this group and stayed till closing! I also enjoyed hanging out and talking to Jane… it was such a good time!
    Looking forward to seeing you soon.Thank You!

  2. Hi!
    I saw you play with John Austin at Puck! You are awesome and the electric guitar as well.

    I mentioned to you that you would ROCK a female vocalist named Michelle Shocked. Check out her album “Short Sharp Shocked”. I always loved “Anchorage” but I would love to hear you do “If Love was a Train”

    I hope you like her. 🙂 Keep in touch and PEACE.

    Donna Miller

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